Funds Raised

Anubhuti means to experience and to empathise. We at Anubhuti believe that everyone’s experiences – whether individual or collective – are important and deserve to be heard.

There are many young people whose experiences and voices are deemed unimportant simply because of who they are. We strive for these experiences to be built, documented, heard and legitimised, so that the youth can speak for themselves and create more equal societies.

We believe the rights to equity, justice, expression, access and dignity are essential for living a life without violence, deprivation and discrimination.  Anubhuti has been formed by a team of women, who have all at some point of their lives experienced oppressions based on caste, class, gender, language and ethnicity. We have come together to ensure that these experiences do not remain unheard, and are used positively for change. Our vision is for an equitable, just, and democratic society, where every person is able to realise their rights to dignity, access and expression. To attain this, we work with the mission of building young people’s capacities so that they can realise their potential as leaders irrespective of their gender, caste, class, ethnicity, language or other identities, forge networks with each other across social hierarchies and lead social change for all.